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New for June:


New for July:


New for August:

Types of Materials that would ideally be included:

  • Books, newspapers, and magazines in both English and Spanish

  • Easy readers

  • Literacy building materials

  • Dictionaries in both Spanish and English

  • English as a Second Language Materials

  • Books on the natural sciences: botany, geology, animal husbandry, alternative medicine, health care, astronomy.

  • Books on tape in English and Spanish.

  • Materials from social service agencies identifying sources of support for ranch workers and immigrants. Also, county, medical, dental, and educational information could be made available.

  • Fiction of all types. Requested titles will give an idea of the types of fiction patrons will prefer.

  • Non-fiction other than natural sciences listed above. History of the region, and biographies of regional personalities might be of interest, but again, the patron requests will tell the librarian what is needed.

  • Games, puzzle, and word-play books and magazines.

Note: This page would serve to list new materials that have become available. Requests would be made via phone or website. See Contact Info.

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